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    This may be a question for Kriesi, or Dude. I think they are the two guys that know more detail about the core files and Javascript included in Enfold.

    I am hoping not to have to scour the included Enfold Javascript files to see if it uses the “Waypoints”:

    So, my question is:
    Q1. Does Enfold use Waypoints somewhere inside the template’s Javascript files?

    There are several animations and features that are triggered and activated in the default Enfold templates and that’s why I’m asking. They work very similar to the Waypoints Javascript and CSS animation library. I have used this script in hand-coded websites that do not utilize a CMS and it works mighty fine.

    I am not asking for your assistance integrating Waypoints. I know how to do it and also debug it and it plays very well with the latest versions of Jquery. It is a very good and reliable script that is well written, updated and documented.

    One of the Enfold elements I was going to use Waypoints to trigger is to hide and show the Enfold Content Element: “Fullwidth Sub Menu” on certain pages. I want the submenu hidden from view until a visitor scrolls to a certain X screen-pixel coordinate down the page. If you know how to do this without Waypoints and it can be accomplished with the default Javascript inside Enfold, then please let me know. You have some similar functionality on some inhouse Enfold web pages.

    A picture is a thousand words, so here’s a link to visual depict what Waypoints does in case you don’t already know. In 10 seconds you will know immediately what it does.
    (Just scroll down that web page and elements will light-up)

    The Github link with core files is at the top of this post if you need it for some reason, but the demos in the paragraph immediately above this sentence will help you get an idea what I’m asking.



    Hey Don!

    Yes, we include Waypoints in js/avia.js, around line 1846.

    Best regards,


    Thank you so much Josue. On this board, you, in particular are very helpful. We have our sub_menu lighting up half way down the page now and sticking to the top. It is hidden with display:none; for 50% of the scrolling height of our main page and then lights up midway. It allows for a less jarring effect than a shrinking NAV main_menu that distorts and shrinks the main logo. We inserted a smaller logo the proper pixel dimensions that is fixed position to the far left of the sub_menu once it lights up. The logo is clean because it isn’t scaled down by the shrinking DIV.

    The sub_menus will also be very helpful for including confidential links on some pages through a conditional include by IP. Some pages on the site are reserved for only certain people to see and the second menu helps a lot.

    You may want to pass along to Kriesi that Waypoints was just updated. If you update the version, I hope you folks will let people know.
    This topic is resolved and can be closed.
    Thanks again.

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