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    I set up a website with enfold and first put in only placeholder stock images, which I want to replace now with the purchased ones.
    Unfortunately I don’t know in which resolution I should upload these pictures. I use pretty much all of them either as a parallax scrolling background image or in a 2 column layout (so they take a bit less than half of the content width space).

    Initially I thought I can just throw the pictures in with high resolution and Enfold would create several different image sizes to fit different column sizes or different screen sizes, but I have the impression I’m wrong.

    But when I want to insert a picture I cannot select anything like “2 column width”.

    To make my confusion even bigger, there is the question of image optimization with plugins like smush or tinypng, and on the other hand deliver retina ready image sizes for retina screens.

    Who has an overview on how to deal with this topic best? I would really appreciate any help.


    Hey kart672!

    Yes, you can just upload the biggest resolution to use (most of the time) and Enfold will create thumbnails from it to use in all of the different theme areas / shortcodes.

    For some of the shortcodes you can select an image size to use and if you select “full, no scaling” then it’s going to load the original image and not a thumbnail. In this case it would be best to optimize the image, if you select that option.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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