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    what I have to do for display tags in the portfolio items ?

    I`ve tried this code in QCSS :
    span.blog-tags.minor-meta { padding-top: 385px!important; }

    it doesn`t work


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    I check one more time :

    The Tags shows only using Default Editor ( in the portfolio entries ! )

    If using Advanced Editor – Tags disappear .

    Please , check it


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    Hi Denis,

    Can you post the link to your website please?



    please check !

    there is web-link to the portfolio item with Advanced Editor : http://vesna-home.ru/portfolio-item/advanced-editor
    there is Default Editor : http://vesna-home.ru/portfolio-item/default-editor
    By the way ! As you can see , with Advanced Editor – no tags , and (!) no related posts .
    With default – all is ok !


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    You need to manually add the recent or related portfolio entries using the Portfolio Grid element if you switch to Advance Layout Editor for portfolio items.

    Best regards,


    Im sorry , but I can not understand how to do that .

    When I choose Portfolio Grid – I can set up only grid by category . No any option like Related Entries…
    I read forum and manual documentation – please more specify .

    and what about display tags ?


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    I’m sorry but I mean you can only show the portfolio items with the same category using the Advance Layout Builder. It’s like showing related entries but base on categories. If you download the dummy data then check the Portfolio Items, you’ll see that the Portfolio Grid has been added after the content.

    Best regards,


    Yes I know this and I do like this (if you checked my links ) . But this is not related entries -there is RECENT enties.

    But all my questions about Tags.
    Dude already gave me code for Related items for portfolio , I am pasted into portfolio-single.php , it works fine with Default editor by Tags. ( thanks for Dude!! )

    Now I still can not understand :
    – why I can not keep Tags with Advanced Editor ?
    -why I can not keep Related Entries with Advanced Editor ?

    May be anybody can provide code?

    It looks strange that functionality of Advanced Editor less than Default.

    Hope on help



    The default editor uses the single portfolio file while the advanced layout editor uses the advanced layout editor file. The later is a general output for any page that uses the advaned layout editor. I’m not sure it can actually accept outputting the tags for the page since the layout is determined by the advanced layout editor completely and it doesn’t have a “content” function like a regular file does.



    HI , Devin,
    thanks for replay .

    This replay applies both issues : tags and related entries OR only tags ?



    It would be both. The advanced layout editor is a full replacement of the content on the page. So anything you want to be displayed needs to be added in with the editor. It really is a full blank slate for that pages content.

    Otherwise the regular visual editor and shortcodes can do just about everything but with a bit more traditional styling (no drag and drop).


    now all is clear

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