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    Wondering if you can help with some display issues when uploading portfolio items. They have sort of appeared out of the blue and there has been no custom coding. When clicking on an item, when it displays in the pop up viewer there is a thin 1 pixel grey line going across the very top and underneath the bottom controls, with an additional little lines going to the top/bottom (I have a screenshot I can send). This appears in firefox (which i always use and have never seen before) – but doesn’t appear in safari).

    Also thumbnails below the main image show as fuzzy even though they are fine quality once hovered over.

    Lastly – do additional consistently or specific sized images need to be made for the ajax viewer – mine are getting cut off funny.

    Many thanks,

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    Hi indirapril!

    Can we see your site and portfolio page live? That will be the best way to see whats going on and inspect the code to try and fix it :)


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    There is already an update to Enfold, 2.4.3 (December 16).



    Thanks Josue,
    I have updated but this only solved the category issue.
    I still need help with:
    In firefox I am still getting funny lines at the top and bottom of the pop up box – they seem to be missing pixels as when i scroll the page the colors of the lines are effected (this is only in firefox and was not this way when i first started doing the site).

    I started working on a contact page starting with dummy data. I am looking to remove posts, comments that are currently showing there. I understand to set up sidebar preferences under theme and alter individual pages, but I don’t see how to change these feeding into the sidebar?

    These are both items I cant launch with as is so if you can assist I would appreciate.




    1) Can you post a screenshot and show the issue? I checked your website on Firefox and it seems to be working fine.
    2) You should go to Appearance > Widgets and add needed widgets to widget areas then choose to dislay that widget area in page settings. Currently “Displayed Everywhere” widget area is being displayed on your contact page. You can remove or change widgets in that widget area.



    Hi Yigit,

    Thanks for your response,

    1)I have posted a 3 screenshots here:

    The lines show above and below the entry and in the same way in the loading box which you can see in the 3rd screenshot. These lines seem to be negative space as when i scroll while the popup is up the lines jumps and change colour according to what is behind them. It is very strange as I never saw this when I started working on the site.

    2) did you see the “display everywhere” actually on my contact page. IT was there as a default but I deleted it as a first step and still don’t see it on that page. Do I need to change something on the actual widget page as I have just made the edit to the contact page.

    Many thanks for your help.



    What version of Firefox and OS are you using? I’m not able to get that same error in any browser including Firefox. Without being able to reproduce it live there isn’t much I can do unfortunately since I couldn’t even guess at the cause.

    For your other questions please create a new topic so that we can address them individually. Questions tend to get lost if they get added on in the middle of trying to debug a still live issue.

    In general for the contact page you can just clear out everything you have now then add a form element from the advanced layout builder then edit it as needed.

    The widget areas you currently have on that page are just inheriting the widgets that are in the WordPress Apperance>Widget section.

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