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    Since i update to Enfold 4.5.5. / Event Version 4.9.0

    When i use the block to show events with the Avia Builder, the events are ordered from the oldest to newest ! Of course i want as it was before the update, the newest to the oldest.

    How can i fix this !
    i use WordPress 4.9.10.


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    I have the same problem, with the order of the events!
    Any help?


    We’re having the same problem… Events in widget are in the wrong order. and old ‘past’ events showing (even Draft status), Upcoming event countdown is blank.
    Temporary workaround for list order is to add a category. (Uncategorized is still a problem)
    The “List View” appears to be ok, showing in correct order and no past events. (/events/list/)
    Using WordPress 5.1.1, Enfold v 4.4.1, Events Calendar 4.9.0
    > We just updated the Enfold Theme files to 4.5.6 and issue persists. It may be worth noting that The Events Calendar was updated yesterday (4/17/19) so there may be theme updates that need to occur to go with this.


    I have the same Problem. Countdown to next event is not showing an old Events are showing.




    Please do create a different ticket.

    Best regards,


    Same problem here. Older past events showing up first. Enfold 4.5.6, Events Calendar Tried to roll back events calendar, but it didn’t help. How do I roll back enfold to previous version?


    Hi argusnet,

    Which version do you want? Please open a new thread as we can’t share files with you in private unless you are the author of the thread.

    Best regards,


    The problem is still there….

    Even with the latest update version It’s strange as the release log said :

    [] 2019-04-25
    Fix – Modifications to tribe_get_events() to resolve problems introduced by latest release 4.9.0
    Fix – Backwards compatibility for 'eventDisplay' => 'upcoming' on tribe_get_events(). Thanks @softwebteam, @mrwweb and @karks88 [126124]
    So it’s a problem with enfold…

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    Same problem – events from 2016 were displaying. Substituted events calendar shortcode but it looks terrible.
    Is there a short term fix?

    Following this thread for resolution.




    We released a beta version that should fix the problems caused because Events Calendar changed query parameteres.

    See private content.

    Do not forget to clear server and browser cache.

    Please open an own thread as we can share the link to the beta version only in private content – visible to topic creator only.

    Best regards,

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    This reply has been marked as private.

    Hi nlb,

    Glad you got it working for you! :)

    If you need further assistance please let us know.

    Best regards,

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