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    I run I few enfold sites for my clients
    every update for me is a celebration because it comes with many cool new features
    anyway..since i upgraded to enfold 3.8 there is a l little problem
    in english websites everything works great
    but in hebrew website (right to left language websites) the admin option panel looks strange
    the options are shown under the tabs and not beside them
    here is a screen shot
    it happens only on admin panels of RTL webseites
    can you fix it?

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    Hey Doron!

    Thanks a lot for reporting that to us, we do appreciate it a lot.
    That is something that might came up with the new dashboard, so we will do let kriesi know and he will update everything

    Thanks a lot for your understanding

    Best regards,


    any news about this topic?



    Can you please create a temporary admin login and post it here privately?

    Best regards,


    thank you
    I posted admin login in the private content field



    Please go to – wp-content/themes/enfold-child/css/admin-rtl.css and find

    .rtl #avia_options_page .avia_sidebar_active .avia_options_page_content {
        float: right;

    and change it to

    .rtl #avia_options_page .avia_sidebar_active .avia_options_page_content {
        float: none;

    We will report it to our devs

    Best regards,


    Hi Yigit
    I’ve tried replacing the code as you suggested but it didn’t work :(



    Do you mind posting FTP logins here privately as well?



    It’s on wpengine hosting so it has to be SFTP



    Logins did not work for me. Can you please check them once again?



    I just did
    I can log in with this sftp user name and password with no problem
    did you type the password or copy-paste it?
    can you try using Filezile?


    hi I contacted wpengine support team and this is what they told me:
    Yea, so this seems to be a blacklist issue.
    You will need them to provide your their IP to give to us.
    Once you have that, we will whitelist and you will be good to go.


    so.. can you give me your IP so WPengine support will whitelist it?



    I’ve checked a few rtl sites recently and they don’t have this kind of issue so it’s probably cause by a plugin or a custom modification in the theme. I’m sorry but we don’t provide that kind of information here. If possible, please whitelist the countries listed here.

    // http://kriesi.at/about



    Hi Ismael
    I’ve contacted wpengine support again and here’s what they said: “there aren’t any countries blocked on our end
    we can white list only IP address so without IP address there isn’t much we can do but It’s weird that they only get a white page, if they were getting blocked they should see a 403 error message.”
    so..bottom line…i’m afraid we have reached a dead end
    any way, thanks for trying to help



    That’s unfortunate. Anyway, I checked the theme options again and the code modification that we suggested previously should fix the issue. Did you remove the browser cache or re-minify the stylesheets after editing the enfold-child/css/admin-rtl.css file? Please try this one.

    .rtl #avia_options_page .avia_sidebar_active .avia_options_page_content {
        float: none !important;

    Best regards,


    Ismael you did it!
    after using your code and removing the browser cache the option page now looks just as it should!
    thank you very much!

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    Great! Let us know if you encounter any issues again.

    Best regards,

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