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    We create a Page and create a Sidebar for it, then go into the Page and choose the Sidebar and click ‘update’, so as to load the Sidebar to the Page. When we go back into the Page editor to change something in the Page later on, sometimes the Sidebar is automatically reset to Default Sidebar, so when we click ‘update’ again, the Sidebar we created is replaced with the contents of Default Sidebar. Though this problem is easily fixed by simply going back in and choosing the Sidebar that we had created, it would be nice to know why this happens and how to stop it.

    This problem does not occur on every Page when we choose to edit it, rather it occurs only on occasion on certain Pages. I have not been able to discern any pattern as to why this reset occurs, nor why some Pages are affected and some are not.

    If you have any ideas as to what is causing this, please let me know.



    I am unable to replicate this on my install. What browser do you use on what operating system when this happens? Is there a chance you can do a screen recording when this takes place?




    Hi Nick,

    Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. I’m on a Win 7 platform using Chrome, FFox and IE interchangeably to create the site. The problem arises with all three browsers. There really isn’t any recording I can provide your with. Simply, I set a sidebar in a page and click update. If I decide I need to edit something in the page, when I go in through the dashboard the sidebar automatically resets to Default, so that when I click update again, the sidebar for the page disappears (since we have no content in the Default sidebar). From there I have to log back in and set the sidebar again. So now the problem is we have to remember to set the sidebar every time we go to edit a page, or it disappears again.


    Hi serverlift,

    Bit of an odd image but stuff like that is typically related to either a plugin conflict or something like that. For now, just make sure you are using the most recent version of the theme files (2.0.1 right now), WordPress 3.6 and any plugins that have updates should be updated as well.

    If it persists, deactivate all of your plugins, log out, log back in and try editing a pages sidebar again.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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