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    My installation is the following:
    Enfold 4.7.4
    Wordpress 5.3.2
    PHP 7.3.10

    I have created a single HOME page with 4 section.
    At the end of the job, when i have to do last small modification, SUDDENLY the third and the forth secion totally disappear.
    They disappear from the browsers (all the browsers) and also from page structure.
    Every time i have to restore a backup and from now if i try to do any modifications, the third and the fourth section totally disappear.
    I tried to use Classic Editor and also Page Builder di SiteOrigin instead Avia Editor, but it doesn’t manage my page.

    PHP.INI settings that i can manage:

    display errors: ON
    max_execution_time: 900
    max_input_time: 120
    memory_limit: 512
    max_input_vars: 10000
    output_buffering: 6144
    post_max_size: 300M
    upload_max_size: 300M
    zlib.output_compression: OFF
    short_open_tag: OFF

    I tried to set all maximum values. It doesn’t work.

    Sorry for my english. Thank you for your support.


    Hey NemesiSrl,

    You have open markup in your content:

    Obiettivo è fornire una consulenza sull’amministrazione del personale a tutto tondo, partendo dalla classica attività di <strong>payroll</strong> fino ad arrivare alla consulenza del lavoro volta a gestire in maniera ottimale il personale aziendale, passando per le <strong> relazioni sindacali</strong>, la <strong> contrattualistica</strong>, il <strong>welfare aziendale</strong>, la <strong> gestione delle risorse umane

    Please make sure to close all open tags, after that it should start working as expected.

    Best regards,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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