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    I am at a loss on how to accomplish this. I have been searching the internet but nothing I found seems to work. Truth be told I am not sure where exactly to place the code snippets I find.

    I simply want to prevent the mouse wheel scroll event from changing the values in any number field, whether the field is in focus or not. But of course, the user should still be able to scroll through the page. Can anyone guide me here?



    Hey fundaccess,
    Sorry for the late reply, it may be possible, but the scroll of a field in focus is a default action. Can you link to the page you what to change this on so we can test?

    Best regards,

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    Thanks for the page to test on, but unfortunately I was not able to disable it, at least in Chrome. I tested many javascript snippets but I kept ending up with this warning Chrome views it as an assessability issue to block the mousewheel. I didn’t test other browsers because I didn’t think it would help.
    Sorry I wasn’t more help.

    Best regards,

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