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    in your function.php you have the following lines:

    $avia_config['color_sets'] = array(
        'header_color'      => 'Header',
        'main_color'        => 'Main Content',
        'alternate_color'   => 'Alternate Content',
        'footer_color'      => 'Footer',
        'socket_color'      => 'Socket'

    which are adding the theme colours from the admin panel to the theme’s header inline.

    the output looks like this:

    function print_styles()
    	echo "\n<!-- custom styles set at your backend-->\n";
    	echo "<style type='text/css' id='dynamic-styles'>\n";
    	echo $this->output;
    	echo "</style>\n";
    	echo "\n<!-- end custom styles-->\n\n";

    I would like to disable it from my child theme function.php and to use my own rules, defined in my custom.css file.

    I’ve tried using the following, but without any luck:

    add_filter( 'print_styles', '__return_false' );
    remove_action('wp_head', 'print_styles' );

    Thank you.


    Found it!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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