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    How can I use a separate set of social icons with the same rollover behaviors as the ones in the menu system, within the body of a contact page, and/or possibly the footer?


    Hey Michae1!

    What do you mean by ‘menu system’?



    I just mean the Social Icons in the menu/header. I’d like to use them on a page, but a different selection of icons.



    Sure, you can try pasting the raw HTML wherever you want:

    <ul class="noLightbox social_bookmarks icon_count_4">
    	<li class="social_bookmarks_facebook social_icon_1"><a target="_blank" href="#" aria-hidden="true" data-av_icon="" data-av_iconfont="entypo-fontello"></a></li>
    	<li class="social_bookmarks_twitter social_icon_2"><a target="_blank" href="#" aria-hidden="true" data-av_icon="" data-av_iconfont="entypo-fontello"></a></li>
    	<li class="social_bookmarks_skype social_icon_3"><a target="_blank" href="#" aria-hidden="true" data-av_icon="" data-av_iconfont="entypo-fontello"></a></li>
    	<li class="social_bookmarks_mail social_icon_4"><a target="_blank" href="#" aria-hidden="true" data-av_icon="" data-av_iconfont="entypo-fontello"></a></li>

    Regarding changing the ‘set’ of icons you’d simply need to change the contents of the data-av_icon attribute in each li.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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