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    Hi there,

    on your demo page (ive not installed it as im building from afresh) and I see you have several galleries on this page that are different to the default regarding the thumbnail borders

    the top gallery has no border at all but has a fine margin between each image. How do I replicate but also do it so that it doesnt wreck the other galleries on that same page if I create another (with borders this time). Just like this page.

    Also, how do you replicate the others with a different margin to the borders. Am I missing a setting somewhere in the builder or does it all have to be done in CSS. Either way, how do i create this page?




    Its Ok…. sussed it out.

    For those interested in knowing how to do the gallery with no borders without playing with CSS.

    Just add a basic text block from the builder, add media, select or upload photos, create a gallery (on top left), create gallery, Done!

    Its basic and has no rollover effect but thats how its done.

    I assume the others in the demo have been tinkered with in CSS but if I find out ill share the news although I suspect im the last yo know and youve already worked it out yourself. Still always good for someone new I guess



    Hi Andy,

    That is just the default wordpress gallery option. Click on the link in the first sentence on the page you linked for a description of its use from the codex.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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