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    Hi. I am in contact with the Kriesi support service, but the situation is becoming chaotic: I cannot receive the solution on 2 anomalies, apparently simple, but they are blocking me, I have to put the site online tomorrow and they are becoming a problem and for this I would be well prepared to pay any extra to receive the 2 solutions.

    The project is the restyling of a site already online (always with Enfold). I worked in parallel on the test server until the goals set for online were achieved and the reference site is perfect

    while on the final site, coming soon is currently active

    Here are the two stupid problems that are blocking the putting online:

    1. On Smartphone, there MUST NOT BE sticky headers, the top bar must move with the rest, it must not be fixed. On the starting site it is right

    on the end site is wrong

    2. The thickness of all Hs must be as on the starting site
    and not like on the final site

    To align the starting site with the final site, I exported the theme settings from brunocover (the starting site) and imported them on the trikego site (the final site). I have checked several times, repeatedly and the css are the same, like all the other settings in the Enfold administration. I have to put the new website online but I can’t understand how to solve these two anomalies that are driving me crazy !!! I also tried to delete all the CSS but nothing changes. I would be willing to pay extra in addition to the support service (which I renewed just because I wanted to receive support for any problems during the final online publication). Time is passing and I can’t find the two solutions.

    I already have two tickets open with support with the 2 problems described:
    – from 12 May: Difference All Headings (H1-H6) with equal parameters.
    – from May 15th: Sticky Header on mobile version.

    I’m going crazy, I have to solve the problem. Kind regards. A cordial greeting. Bruno


    Forgive me, I am dismayed, I had opened this double ticket out of desperation, I was wrong, I am receiving support, a problem solved, only the thickness of the H in progress remains, but I am also receiving support on this problem, as I should have imagined, given the excellent service always received by Kriesi support. You can also cancel (if possible and consider it appropriate) this ticket, or close it. My best regards. Bruno


    Hi Bruno,

    I manually uploaded Oswald font and set it as font family for heading elements in Advanced Styling and set font weight to 400. You can also try setting it to 500. You have defined 900 as font weight in both sites however 900 font weight is not loaded.

    Could you please review your website and let us know if you need further assistance? :)

    Best regards,


    Thank you very much Yigit, your operation leads to very satisfactory results. We can consider the requests resolved. Thanks for your patience and helpful support. Kind regards. Bruno



    You are welcome, Bruno! Glad we could help :)

    Best regards,

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