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    Did I see in your latest update notes that you have introduced a feature to upload fonts directly into the theme? If so, are there further tutorials available for this, please?



    please have a look at the Import/Export feature. There you will find the “Custom font manager”

    Best Regards,


    Hi guys,
    First – One big Thank you for this what you are doing to improve our lovely enfold theme :)
    I have a problem with uploading custom font.
    1st – i upload a font with enfold -> import/export / Custom font manager / insert zip file and after this nothing happen, i cant find how to change the font, i just see the zip file in gallery
    2nd- how i can remove all fonts which i dont use ?


    EXACTLY as per argana1, I’m finding exactly the same. I had hoped you would have pointed towards a tutorial but in the event of not doing so I have the same questions.

    I have a .zip file sat in my library after uploading it. What happens next, please?


    please try this:

    • Download the font you wan to use from google fonts
    • Choose Upload/Select Font Zip File
    • Upload the zip file
    • After the upload you should be able to mark the file and click “Insert Zip file”Insert Zip File
    • If you don’t see the zip file after the upload to mark it, please close the upload/select window an open it again by clicking “Choose Upload/Select Font Zip File” again. It should be listed there.
    • Then you can choose the uploaded font like you would normaly within the General Styling -> FontsUse custom font

    I hope this help.

    Best Regards,


    yes, Shashahan, i m doing exactly the same, but i dont find the font in General Styling -> Fonts


    This has now worked for me, thank you.

    Yesterday even after clicking “insert zip file” nothing was happening, but it is today!

    Thank you for your help!


    That worked like a charm for me and the Google font is now in the fonts drop down menu. By doing this I was able to turn on “load google fonts in footer” with no impact to user experience, but helps my page speed score. No longer loading Google fonts at all. Thanks for the tutorial!



    I just had to revert to the standard Google font (Open Sans)… the uploaded seems to default to a heavier font (next to the uploaded font it says 300, 400, 600 etc)… Is there a way to set which weight to use on the uploaded fonts?



    You can set the weight using custom CSS.
    Also please make sure that you have processed the fonts to make it web friendly to load faster on

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    just a short heads-up: I had the same problem – upload worked, but zip wasn’t inserted. Then I switched from Chrome which I normally use to Firefox, just for the zip insertion. And it worked on the spot.



    @ Vinay, what would be the custom CSS to have Open Sans in the way it was used when it was served from Google in Enfold please? I don’t understand why the same font comes in two different font weights depending on wether it’s served locally or from Google’s servers.

    Thank you very much!


    Can you upload fonts other than Google Fonts?


    The same thing happens with me as with datadirt. Firefox does not work, on Chrome it works with the zip insertion.
    Thanks to datadirt..


    Hi Jo,

    That can be a Firefox issue. Here are some threads about it:

    If you need further assistance please let us know.
    Best regards,


    Thanks a lot,
    to clear the cache of Firefox is a good way to avoid problems like this.


    The new custom font uploader is not working with Safari (v11.1). Chrome works.



    Please make sure to flush browser cache and refresh your page a few times.



    Does this work ONLY for Google Fonts or can we upload other fonts?

    Thank you.


    Hi vaology,

    You can upload other fonts too, as long as they are safe web fonts.

    Best regards,


    Can i upload fonts by ftp as well?



    yes, you could. You can change your fonts into webfonts using – then upload them on your server and link using @font-face –

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    Hi there!

    I’ve added a @font-face to my styles.css in my child theme to add a custom font, and in the preview window of the text block it is showing the font, but on the site it isn’t. Is there something that could be blocking this style? I’m not even seeing the class show up in the inspect element screen.



    Hi Becca,

    I’ve replied to your other thread already, please continue in there and don’t post the same question more than once in the future.

    Best regards,


    I uploaded two google Fonts with the Custom font uploader. It works fine in Chrome, but not in Safari. What did I do wrong? I searched the forum, but I did not find the answer. Thank you for help!

    I used Roboto (Text) and Domine Font (Headlines). I prefered Roboto Slab for headlines, but this font even didn’t work in Chrome.


    Hi fraugau,

    Please open a new thread and include WordPress admin login details in private so that we can have a closer look at your site.

    Best regards,


    Hi Rikard,
    I will do so, thank you for your fast answer!
    Best Regards Eva


    Hi Eva,

    Thanks for that, let’s continue in your new thread.

    Best regards,

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