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    Hi I am currently using the Enfold Default Demo on our site. We want to change ou the slider at the top to be a video slider like the one for ENFOLD BAND. How do I get a demo file either for the slider or the home page of ENFOLD Band so I can set this up.


    Hey Yvonne,

    The Band Demo is using the Fullwidth Slider if you want to try that out?

    Best regards,


    I do, are there any specific settings?


    Sorry for the late reply, I have included a link to the Band Demo homepage shortcode in a text file in the Private Content area.
    You can add it to a page on your site by pasting it into the debugger field, please see how to Enable Avia Layout Builder Debugger.
    Please let us know if we can be of more assistance.

    Best regards,


    Yes – but if you want to show the video even on mobile devices it is better to use the advanced layout slider !
    See your example on mobile devices :
    you can insert in advanced layer slider a selfhosted video as background with html5 code ! and that will be present even on ipad / iphone and other mobile devices.
    or a youtube link ( but you had to set it with the options to play muted.

    here is an example input code for a self-hosted video to lowest video layer:
    <video playsinline autoplay loop muted preload="metadata" style="min-width:100vw; min-height:56vw;" ><source src="/wp-content/uploads/movie.mp4" type="video/mp4"><img src="/wp-content/uploads/fallback.jpg" title="Your browser does not support the video tag"></video>

    set the layer as “Use this video as slide background”


    @guenni007, great tip thank you.

    Best regards,

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