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    I can’t import the demo content. The wheel keeps spinning but nothing happens. When trying to upload the .xml file the browser gets timed-out. I tried enabling different php versions, but nothing works. When I checked the uploads folder through FTP files keeps being added, but also deleted immediately.

    I can upload files through the WordPress media importer, so the file permissions are all ok. Also, when I can import the pages without media files through the WordPress .xml importer.

    I’m running php version 7.3 with the following settings:

    allow_url_fopen	On
    always_populate_raw_post_data	On
    auto_prepend_file	none
    default_charset	UTF-8
    default_socket_timeout	60
    disable_functions	no value
    display_errors	Off
    display_startup_errors	Off
    error_reporting	E_ALL
    expose_php	On
    file_uploads	On
    include_path	.:/opt/alt/php73/usr/share/pear
    log_errors	On
    mail.force_extra_parameters	no value
    max_execution_time	120
    max_input_time	-1
    max_input_vars	1000
    memory_limit	2048M
    opcache.consistency_checks	0
    opcache.enable	On
    opcache.enable_cli	Off
    opcache.interned_strings_buffer	4
    opcache.max_accelerated_files	4000
    opcache.memory_consumption	64
    opcache.revalidate_freq	2
    opcache.save_comments	1
    opcache.validate_timestamps	On
    open_basedir	Off
    pcre.backtrack_limit	1000000
    pcre.recursion_limit	100000
    post_max_size	2048M
    session.auto_start	Off
    session.gc_maxlifetime	1440
    session.save_path	/opt/alt/php73/var/lib/php/session
    session.use_only_cookies	1
    session.use_strict_mode	0
    short_open_tag	On
    upload_max_filesize	2048M
    upload_tmp_dir	no value
    zlib.output_compression	Off

    I tried multiple times with the WP reset plugin, but with no success..

    Could you please take a look?
    Credentials in private content

    Thanks in advance!


    Hey mmichael1991,

    Sorry for the late reply and thanks for the login details. It looks like you have a demo page active as you front page, though the images are missing. Are you planning on using the demo images? If not then please try to add your own images.

    Best regards,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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