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    I made some changes to the demo homepage and LayerSliders, however, I’d like to default back to the old stuff. I tried to import demo/dummy info with no avail.

    How can I get the default/demo pages and LayerSliders (demo/enfold ones) back? I tried reuploading the enfold folder to no avai



    Actually I think I’m going to delete my WP and start over, however I noticed:

    The demo there isn’t the same included, I really like some of the elements of the that page, how can I see the sample for it?



    Create a new installation of wp then import the dummy data. Most of the elements that you can see here is included on the dummy data. Can you give us a specific list of features you want to implement from the demo?




    Yes, the demo page (v1 or first one) is fairly large and has so much. The one I linked is very clean. I particularly like near the bottom the 3 squares, it looks like its a color page, here’s a screenshot:

    Also the width of the page is perfect for what I’m trying to do, so I would like to know the width of the page (or what setting) and same for the slider settings on that page. Basically I want to replicate that page and customize it for my site. Please please please please :)



    Take a look the video list here:

    Specifically this video I go over setting up something similar to the image you referenced from the demo in this video:

    The width for the demo is I believe just the standard width so it should be the same once things are set up.




    Thanks. So for the slider did you just set it to 1030px? Or 100%

    Thank you again. Is that Layerslider being used in the demo?



    That video was supremely helpful. Love the background in the demo I linked, any possible chance to get it (The whole page background its a black texture like) if its for sale I’ll buy (or on photodune) Thanks so much. I love this theme and its customizable options, but sometimes I’m overwhelmed, thanks!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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