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    Hi there, as I went on and tested the new verions of WP, WC and ENFOLD (and I am using German Market Plug-In) i am experiencing some issues not only in backend but in the front end.

    As far as I have seen, there are some container breaking in during the checkout process, especially the one with ‘using different adress’ field.
    You can see here what happens

    1) the new classic checkout page – where the information for ‘different address’ is not in the correct place:

    2) if the customer wants to choose a different adress, the field to do so appears twice, and on the left part of the page only

    3) there is another issue, where in the final checkout page, the SUBTOTAL is not shown in its proper container – in fact the container is missing, the value appears on the wrong side

    Can you help with this?


    Hey aovivo!

    1) I can see what you mean. Really strange. CSS code to hide one item won’t work, because both items are the same, so both would disappear.
    Please try to deactivate all plugins to see if one is causing this issue. After it activate them all again one by one, to see which one is causing this issue.

    2) I can’t see what you are showing in you screenshot. It looks good for me:

    3) Same here:

    If you still experience this problem go ahead and send us admin access, so we can take a deeper look into it.



    Hey Andy,
    as fpr the 1) and 2) screenshots – they hjave to do with the optional ‘shipping costs calculation’ .
    In the 1) the link is not set properly
    in the 2) the fields for the address appear twice (the one at the bottom is redundant

    For my understanding the optional ‘shipping cost calculation’ fields should appear on the right side

    in the 3) I think I always thought the subtotal should apperar on the right side – but maybe it has been always on the left side of the checkout and I did’t notice it – having the subtotal on the richt side would make more sense to me… so dont bother..

    I have deactivated all plug-ins – except the German Market Press which we always got an INO Plug-in update from Andy (Enfold team) to adjust some layout issues… I guess that is one of those that need to be adapted…
    Any chance to find out if this is a common issue with the brand new versions?

    Please let me know if this is a known problem, I would provide the admin access as suggested.
    thanks in advace

    PS.: I apologize for any misunderstanding I caused regarding this issue as it involves first of all the ‘shipping cost calculation’ and hence the destination/delivery address…

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    Hey there, thanks for your efforts. the solution was provided by the plug-in authors of the “WooCommerce German Market” Plug-in and was fixed in its additional release 2.4.11 from yesterday

    Maybe this is someone that should be passed to Andy, as it is a new WGM issue.



    Great that you got it solved, thanks for the info and we’ll keep a note of it if someone else should have the same problem.


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