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    How can we delete the Woocommerce cart which is in the menu?
    The reason I want it deleted is that it stays in French when I select English; which returns me to the basket page in French.
    I am thinking of replacing it with a sub menu acert the “Cart” page which works very well.

    thank you in advance



    Please add following code to bottom of Functions.php file of your child theme in Appearance > Editor

    add_action('init', 'av_remove_cart_dropdown', 5);
    function ec_move_cart_dropdown() {
    	remove_action( 'init', 'avia_woocommerce_cart_placement', 10);

    Best regards,


    I have tried the code shown, it does not work.
    He moves the language flags up one line, but nothing has changed for the basket !!



    Could you please post a screenshot and show the changes you would like to make? You can upload your screenshots on or Dropbox public folder and post the links here :)

    Code I posted above should have removed mini cart from header. I tested before posting but I might have misunderstood you request :)

    Best regards,



    My site is currently in 2 languages ​​(French and English).
    Woocommerce works in French and English.
    The basket icon in the menu allows you to view the number of items there is in it and to display a mini cart with a mini list of items, their mini photos as well as 2 buttons “See the Cart” and ” Order”.
    In French, this mini cart is in French but when I am in English, it remains in French.
    Not knowing how to solve the language problem, the solution I found would be to remove the cart icon from the menu and add a cart item in the menu, with a “Cart” submenu with a link to the Cart page and another “Order” with a link to the Order page. It works very well in both languages. But you must remove the icon of the mini Cart by default in the menu.

    So there are 2 solutions
    1) Fix the mini basket translation problem
    2) Remove the mini basket icon from the menu and replace it with a “Cart” menu item with “View Cart” and “Order” submenu.
    To remove the mini cart icon from the menu, the ideal would be to add the option “disable mini cart from the header” in the Enfold options of the store.

    Thank you in advance for your assistance

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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