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    I’v searched up and down the forum but couldn’t find a complete and clear guide to customize mega menu.
    1) I understood how to add images before title but not how to align images and title (maybe is a matter of padding etc.)
    2) I understood how to add icons using fontello but I cannot see them, maybe because I changed the color of my menu area.
    3) I can’t understand how to organize items so that I can have a rich mega menu with images, titles and paragraphs.

    Hope you can help me.


    Hi gianmarizzi!

    Please watch this video:



    Ok, I already watched it but didn’t get it 100%.

    What if I’d like to add an icon/image before title without using megamenu? How to align the icon and the title?



    That isn’t really supported within the theme at the moment. You could use some custom css and code to achieve it but there isn’t anything in place to do it otherwise.

    Best regards,


    Ok, I cannot understand how to set my megamenu the way you did in your live demo (the video on vimeo doesn’t help me. maybe I’m too dumb). I installed enfold on another site to discover it but you didn’t use megamenu in your dummy data. What I can’t understand is how to set the categories (see Pages in your live demo): what are “Example Pages”, “Slider”, “Blank Pages” and “Special Pages”? Just links with # or what else?


    WordPress doesn’t support the data needed to build the mega menu so we can’t add it in to the xml dummy data file.

    What you can do is set the item as a custom link and use a # symbol for the link.

    When you designate an item as a mega menu, the next level item down will start a column. The column allows you to set a column title can either be text or if you use a – it will not show a header at all.

    Try following along exactly with the video as Nick makes columns with headers in the video right about here:


    What does it mean “WordPress doesn’t support the data needed to build the mega menu so we can’t add it in to the xml dummy data file”?



    WordPress will not import all settings of the “Mega Menu” which we used on the demo page simply because the import tool can’t handle all data fields. You need to configure the menu settings manually (Appearance > Menus).



    i used mega menu in my site, But i could not setting mega menu . Please help me to setting mega menu as demo site.



    I have not received any reply from your end. It’s very urgent please help me to i used mega menu in my site, But i could not setting mega menu . Please help me to setting mega menu as demo site.



    What exactly is your problem setting up the mega menu? Please post a URL to the WordPress login page as well.

    Next time please open a new thread.



    In the video tutorial shows how to insert images to columns, what if I want to insert images to every menu item? (see example:
    I’ve tried to insert the image url in the description field but it didn’t work.
    also, what if I want the images for these menu items to show only when hover on the specific menu item, is that possible?
    also tried using plugins like Ubermenu but it didn’t work well with the theme.
    will appreciate your help,



    After adding the image in the menu items’ description box, make sure that you tick or enable the checkbox below.

    Use the description to create a Text Block. Dont display this item as a link. (note: dont remove the label text, otherwise wordpress will delete the item)

    Best regards,


    Hi Ismael,
    Thanks for the reply. I’m not sure I get this…
    I’ve put this (hosted on WPengine) />
    in the description and ticked the checkbox underneath it but the text isn’s showing.
    what did I do wrong? can you give me an example of how it should look?




    We added the image in the first menu item in the mega menu as example.

    Best regards,


    Hi Ismael,
    Thank you but I wanted it to be next to the text, now theres no text, only image.
    is it even possible?




    I’m sorry but that is not going to be possible without major modification in the mega menu script. It’s possible to add an image after a menu item by adding two items, one of the image and the other for the actual menu item. We created an example in the first mega menu.

    Best regards,

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