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    Hi support,

    Is there a way to customize the 404 page with the enfod editor by default?
    Right now im using a plugin called 404page with that I can specify an page I named 404-2 as the 404 page for my site.
    Would be awesome if I could edit the real 404 page for my site using the enfold editor.



    Not possible, but i think that plugin lets you achieve pretty much the result you want, it is because of the permalink (404-2)?

    Best regards, 


    Hi @Josue,

    Yes its becouse of the permlink. Hope u can add this feature in the future.




    Do you have any other Post/Page/Portfolio Item occupying the “404” slug?




    But but isnt the 404 “slug” already taken by the default 404 page?



    Hm, it may be a WordPress reserved slug, alternatively you could use /not-found or /404-not-found

    Best regards,


    Yeah buddy! :-)

    Thanks you can close this ticket now.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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