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    Is it possible to insert a color section in the header of the search page?

    I am using a transparent menu on all other pages with different sliders and color sections with background images – but when the search page shows, the header section is transparent.

    I can read that I need to change in search.php but I can not get the section to be inserted in the header – only below..

    The section i want to implement in the search page in the header are:

    <div id="av_section_1" class="avia-section main_color avia-section-no-padding avia-no-border-styling avia-full-stretch av-section-color-overlay-active avia-bg-style-fixed  avia-builder-el-0  el_before_av_section  avia-builder-el-first   av-minimum-height av-minimum-height-custom container_wrap fullsize" style="background-repeat: no-repeat; background-image: url(; background-attachment: fixed; background-position: center center; " data-section-bg-repeat="stretch"><div class="av-section-color-overlay-wrap"><div class="av-section-color-overlay" style="opacity: 0.3; background-color: #0a0a0a; "></div><div class="container" style="height:280px"><main role="main" itemprop="mainContentOfPage" class="template-page content  av-content-full alpha units"><div class="post-entry post-entry-type-page post-entry-367"><div class="entry-content-wrapper clearfix">
    <div style="height:1px; margin-top:0px" class="hr hr-invisible  avia-builder-el-1  el_before_av_heading  avia-builder-el-first  "><span class="hr-inner "><span class="hr-inner-style"></span></span></div>
    <div style="padding-bottom:0px;" class="av-special-heading av-special-heading-h1 meta-heading blockquote modern-quote modern-centered  avia-builder-el-2  el_after_av_hr  el_before_av_hr  "><h1 class="av-special-heading-tag" itemprop="headline">Søgeresultater</h1><div class="special-heading-border"><div class="special-heading-inner-border"></div></div></div>
    <div style=" margin-top:5px; margin-bottom:0px;" class="hr hr-custom hr-center hr-icon-no  avia-builder-el-3  el_after_av_heading  avia-builder-el-last  "><span class="hr-inner   inner-border-av-border-thin" style=" width:50px;"><span class="hr-inner-style"></span></span></div>
    </div></div></main><!-- close content main element --></div></div></div>

    Hey emilgandersson,

    you can’t easily implement a color section into header, otherwise you hire a freelance developer for this job. What you could try to do is this:

    However, a precise link showing what you’re talking about and screenshots highlighting to make things clear for us, would really help.

    Best regards,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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