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    I’m full of question today.

    I have created a custom Post Type called charity using the CPT UI plugin.
    I have edited the meta.php so layout builder etc works and tweaked the functions.php so that The Blog Post element will show the CTP.
    All is fine working and they display.

    Only issues is the slide-meta information that normally sits in the footer is missing. It isn’t being removed by any css it simple isn’t being pulled through.

    Image below shows two blog. The left is CPT the right is standard. Note the missing footer info?
    ctp image

    When inspecting the elements note the blue highlight shows missing slide-meta for CPT that is present for the standard post type (shown in yellow)

    cpt inspection

    This ONLY happens when using a custom post type displayed in grid format. Using single author layout it shows the slide-meta.

    single author cpt

    I’m guessing there is a hook missing somewhere that adds the slide-meta to the footer of the blog grid layout?

    What would that be?

    Muchas Gracias



    I’ve also just noticed if you look at the first image you’ll notice the green tag CHARITY above the title on the standard blog post yet on the Custom Post Type it is missing also. It would appear the grid format for blogs isn’t pulling through any meta data.

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    Hey tjswarbs78!

    Thank you for using Enfold.

    Did you add an excerpt to the post? The post meta info such as the date will only display if there is an existing excerpt. Please provide the link to the actual one page so that we can check the issue.



    Ismael :)

    There is a excerpt there but it doesn’t show.

    I had a play with some of the setting in the Custom Post Type UI plugin and the meta info now appears

    The following combination of check boxes seems to work.. very odd though.

    cpt fixed

    I’m guessing some of the settings must have been messing with a hook?

    Who knows but it works now. I should have started there I guess this theme is bulletproof ;)





    I’m not sure what you did but the “Excerpt” feature is probably disabled before. Anyway, glad that is working now. :)


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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