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    Hello. Having all kinds of trouble with importing Fontello fonts. I finally got Fontello to stop throwing errors with an icon I was testing and then Enfold imported the icon as a completely different icon. Meaning, I imported a Health Care related icon (see “Assisted Living” icon box) and Enfold shows it as a Martini glass.

    While I love Enfold, I find the whole Fontello process to be terrible. Is there any other way we can get custom icon fonts into Enfold?

    Thank you,


    Hey Ryan!

    If i understood you correctly, you have not imported Martini glass icon, is that correct? If you have not, that is weird :)
    Could you please upload the file you have downloaded from fontello to Dropbox and post a link so we can try it on our local installations?

    Best regards,


    I went back and was able to see what I did. The Martini glass is the very first font on the Fontello site and I must have inadvertently selected it.

    The Fontello process does not work for me when trying to add a custom file to their site. I add an .SVG file from a reputable source, follow Fontello’s instructions and the process never works. The error I get each time: “If image looks not as expected please convert to compound path manually.”

    This really limits my options with icons, as the base Fontello does not cover enough topics.

    Do we have options other than Fontello? Or, are their tips for getting custom fonts to import into Fontello successfully?



    You can use FontAwesome. Please refer to my post here –


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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