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    I really love Enfold, especially the features inside. I love for example using color sections with video background and just gibe to it 50% of the height. Im wondering, if I can make a custom Fullwidth easy slider with 50% height too since the slider yet is to high on this example of a Press Release

    Unfortunately If I change the general settings in Quick CSS, it changes all Fullwitdh slider. So is it possible to create a custom css class that I can assign to certain fullwitdh slider only that should get 50% height?

    Thanks for helping


    Hey Viramedia,

    I’m not sure what CSS you are using but if you place the post or page specific class in front of it then it should only apply to that page or post. In your case:

    .postid-1826 *your CSS goes here*

    Best regards,


    I understand… can I create a QuickCSS entry that I can always use for some fullwidht slider with only 50% height?

    If yes, how should be the quick CSS code? Im not a coder, so I need your help


    Due to this issue explained here I create a duplicate of the post for your reference to work on the slider height



    Yes, you should be able to do that. If you enable the custom CSS class field for all builder elements:

    You can then assign a class to each slider you want to be affected by your CSS like so:

    .your-custom-class *your CSS goes here*

    Best regards,


    Thanks, I have already enabled Custom CSS

    but I need the quickCSS Code to make the fullwitdh easy slider only 50% height….

    can you help me regarding the QucikCSS Code?



    This is possible but it might distort the image.

    #full_slider_1 .avia-slideshow-inner, #full_slider_1 .avia-slideshow-inner img {
        height: 50vh !important;

    If you want to adjust the width of the images, please try this.

    #full_slider_1 .avia-slideshow-inner img {
        width: 70%;

    Adjust the values as you deem fit. You can turn on the custom css class field if you want to replace the generic selector (#full_slider_1) with a custom one.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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