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    I created a custom google search by putting the code from into the themes “searchform.php”
    It works but no matter how many times I play with the layout from Google side, it continues to look like 1993.
    I tried the code you provided here:
    However, it did not make a difference.
    This is what the search currently looks like when you click “search”
    And this is what I would prefer it to look like: (I am not concerned with the color of the search box but the layout)

    Thank you so much for your assistance in advance!


    Hi CPM_usa!

    That does require some modifications to your layout
    Please consider to hire a freelancer who would help you out with your issues.

    Thank you

    Best regards,


    I really don’t want someone to touch my theme that I don’t know. It is your theme, and you are who I pay a yearly subscription to for support. I see you were willing to help But not me? It seems like I am getting derailed the past few times I have asked a question.



    as written in our support policy we can’t provide support for every 3rd party plugin/program out there. However, I checked your website and can’t find the elements of your screenshot. Where can we inspect them?

    Best regards,


    Thank you and I understand. I did not use any plugin to change my search, but what I did do was replace what was in the searchform.php inside the theme with Google’s code.

    If you go to the website, there is a search button at the top right which will show you the way the search currently is looking.
    Thank you so much!



    Yea, changing the search would also need some custom CSS to be added, style it and make it work properly.
    All that is work that does need a developer to help you with it.

    Best regards,

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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