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    I have a problem with my custom fonts I uploaded to my website. I want to use the google font “Montserrat”, it worked in my browsers Firefox and Chrome. But in Chrome I noticed an error message right next to the URL field. The website wants to load scripts from unauthenticated sources. I opened the JS console in Chrome, then I find out, the fonts are loaded via http, not https.

    There are many log entries like this:

    Mixed Content: The page at ‘’ was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure font ‘’. This request has been blocked; the content must be served over HTTPS.
    (anonymous) @ mediaelement-and-player.min.js?ver=4.2.6-78496d1:12
    25.2 @ mediaelement-and-player.min.js?ver=4.2.6-78496d1:12
    i @ mediaelement-and-player.min.js?ver=4.2.6-78496d1:12
    (anonymous) @ mediaelement-and-player.min.js?ver=4.2.6-78496d1:12
    6.2 @ mediaelement-and-player.min.js?ver=4.2.6-78496d1:12
    i @ mediaelement-and-player.min.js?ver=4.2.6-78496d1:12
    e @ mediaelement-and-player.min.js?ver=4.2.6-78496d1:12
    (anonymous) @ mediaelement-and-player.min.js?ver=4.2.6-78496d1:12

    What can I do about this? I am using the plugin “Really simple SSL” and activated the mixed content filter (not now, quite for a while now), this shouldn’t happen at all.

    Thanks for your help in advance,
    best regards


    Hey felixfi,

    Please send us a temporary WordPress admin login and login URL so that we can have a closer look. You can post the details in the Private Content section of your

    Best regards,


    Hello Rikard,

    thanks for the fast reply. Please see my private login Information below in the Private Content section.

    Best regards



    Thank you for the update.

    It’s the font face rule in the dynamic css (wp-content > uploads > dynamic_avia > enfold.css). Try to remove the font completely, then upload it again. Please nota that you can only upload Google Fonts in the custom font manager. We removed the fonts there that were not from Google.

    Best regards,

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