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    Dear all,
    I have the following issue: Although having prepared the font.zip correctly (by creating a zipped folder with converted google fonts), enfold’s import/export option is prompting “Couldn’t add the font because the server didn’t respond.…”
    As there already had been uploaded some custom icon font-zips with the icon upload option (two years ago or so) I’m afraid that this will not solve our problems.
    Could there be another reason for this malfunction?
    Kind regards


    Hey Armin-H,
    Thanks for the login to your site, your titillium-for-enfold font zip had two folders in it:
    there should be no folders in your zip file, only fonts, I corrected this for you and tried to install but still had the error.
    I tested on my test site and the new font zip installed correctly.
    I believe the issue is that your server is using PHP 7.2.34 and the minimum recommended PHP version for WordPress is v7.4
    Please check WordPress ▸ Dashboard ▸ Tools ▸ Site Health and ask your webhost to update your PHP version

    Best regards,


    that macosx folder comes from zipping on OSX folders with mac tools – but f.e. better zip has that option to zip for pc. All invisible files OSX generates are then excluded from zipping.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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