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    My client would like to have three words (mission statement) in a paragraph be a different font. The font she is requesting is Brush Script MT

    Can I have some custom code to be added that will allow me to add this font just to the three words in the paragraph? not the whole paragraph or changing the font in the website to be Brush Script MT but just some inline CSS code to have it in this one area. If this can’t be done how do you suggest letting them know that this can not be accomplished? not a web-safe font?

    Thanks so much and I apologize for this silly request –



    Hey schwabino,

    Thank you for the inquiry.

    You can separate the words in the sentence using html tags such as span.


    <span class="av-font-brush-script">This</span> <span class="av-font-open-sans">is</span> <span class="av-font-leonidas">Sparta!</span>

    You can then apply different font style for each span tag using this css.

    .av-font-brush-script {
       font-family: "Brush-script";
    .av-font-open-sans {
       font-family: "Open Sans";
    .av-font-leonidas {
       font-family: "Leonidas";

    Best regards,


    Hi Ismael

    I added the css to the general styling box in the Enfold options then added the span code where I wanted it and it didn’t work – what am I doing wrong?



    Did you install the font in Enfold Theme Options ▸ Import/Export ▸ Custom Font Manager?
    Brush-script & Leonidas are not default fonts, you would need to install them first and the above would work.
    If you do have them installed please link to your test page and include admin login in the Private Content area for us to check.

    Best regards,

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