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    I am new to adding CSS. I have a couple of Color Sections on my page. I have never used shadowing before except in photoshop. I would like to have the ability to add different types of shadowing depending on the section. For Instance in my blue section I would like a lighter text shadow. In my grey section I would like a darker text shadow. Can someone walk me through the steps to creating a section ID as well as where and how to place the different css code. Sorry for being a newbie!! But my mind is about to explode! I have tried about 30 different combinations and nothing has worked.



    Hey cgmoss121,

    Could you please attach a mockup of what you’re trying to achieve?

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    Here is a mockup of basically what I would like to accomplish. I understand that if I can have the basic info on how to do this, I can play with it from there to achieve different results on different pages. But let me know if this helps.
    Thank You

    Here is a link to a file in google drive



    We do not have such option
    You can create a custom Class, that you will apply per case on where you want to add shadown
    You can make many different shadow effects and apply per case
    here is an option:

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