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    I spend a lot of time customizing themes. I’d love to have one place to look for Custom CSS ideas within the support forum for a theme. I use FireBug to hunt for the location of CSS rules I want to change, but sometimes I have trouble locating something, and so I look to this forum. Sometimes things are easy to find.

    For some reason, the Header Colors (h1, h2, etc.) were black no matter what I did in the Theme Options panel. I got a quick reply from Yigit to add my color choice to the Theme’s Quick CSS:
    .main_color h1, .main_color h2, .main_color h3, .main_color h4, .main_color h5, .main_color h6 { color: #600e75; }

    Unless someone has a better idea, I suggest using this Forum Question as a place for people to share their custom CSS ideas and solutions. I’ll add a reply to this post to start off.


    Text Shadow: adding text shadow to header text:. Put this into the theme’s Quick CSS:
    h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, .widgettitle {text-shadow: rgba(0,0,0,0.4) 1px 1px 2px;}


    An index of css targeting rules/tips would be amazing!


    Hi All,

    I’ve been debating this a lot over the past few months and ultimately I can’t see a really good reason for it. With dev tools or even firebug you can identify any element on your site and then customize it with css which is specific to your needs.

    By giving out chunks of css which you can copy+paste I feel like its enabling everyone to not understand what it is they are doing which in turn can cause more harm than good. Some things are definitely available for a quick adjustment which is what I’ve been adding (slowly) here: . But it doesn’t get into cross browser support and just barely is able to touch the surface on mobile adjustments.

    It also doesn’t cover proper css syntax which means a user could end up with a bloated custom.css or Quick CSS files.

    Learning the basics of css and how to use dev tools to identify css classes would however be a far better solution for anyone looking to dig deeper into customization than a topic with snippets to try and piece together to get a result.

    Ultimately I’ll leave it up to Kriesi but we would start a new topic with a short blurb about us not supporting anything in the topic and make it a sticky as opposed to a user started one either way so for now I’ll close this one.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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