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    I have read a few posts about having custom background images per page but not one that has fit (or worked) for me.

    I already have a custom background image uploaded in the styling section for the whole site but would like a different one for a couple of my pages. I tried the suggested WP-Backgrounds Lite plugin but it strangely did nothing.

    Is this a possibility, or should this be filed under the “Wish List”



    Enfold doesn’t support this feature out of the box and you can add it to the wishlist. WP-Backgrounds Lite should work with Enfold because I tested it. However you must use the “Boxed Layout” otherwise you won’t see the background image. I used following settings for WP-Backgrounds Lite:

    You can select the background image on the post/page editor page:


    Awesome! It works.

    1. I did not have #wrap_all for ID

    2. Still had background set in the enfold Style tab

    Once again, GOOD WORK!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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