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    Hi there,

    I searched this forum for old posts about custom backgrounds and found one that instructed to add this code:

    .page-id-62 .container_wrap { background-image: url(“”); }

    This works perfectly except for one issue. It’s almost as if each section of the page (header, footer, main content) is including this background image. The only sections this affects is my header and main content since I am not using a footer or socket for any of my pages.

    For an example, please see:

    Here you will notice that the logo in the top left corner is not aligned because the picture exists twice, one in the header and another in the main content. I only want the custom image to be in the main content, and the header to be transparent and show what is in the main content. Not have its own image.

    I hope this makes sense. Please let me know if you require more information.




    Hey a00109943!

    Remove this CSS.

    .main_color {
     background: #000000 url(//[]/wp-content/themes/enfold/images/background-images/grunge-dark.png) top center no-repeat scroll; 



    Hi Elliott,

    I removed the box layout and put it to stretch across the whole browser, that seems to have fixed 90% of the problem. Now the only problem is that the right side of the page has a new background image. How do I get the background to stretch across like its suppose to, not like this:

    And I don’t know where to go to remove that CSS above. The EDIT CSS section is blank, there is no code there. Where should I go to do this?

    Thanks again!




    Add this to make it stretch to fit the screen.

    .page-id-62 .container_wrap { background-size: cover !important; }

    I don’t see the previous CSS I posted anymore so you must have gotten it removed somehow.



    You are awesome! Thanks so much! This is perfect and she’s all ready now! Thanks again!

    Happy New Years!!!


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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