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    I am creating some custom shortcodes for the enfold theme. I mostly have them working, but I am not an expert with php, so most of my work has been trial and error / copy and paste from other shortcodes.

    For this shortcode, I am basically taking the image shortcode and adding a title to it. Everything displays fine on the front end, but there is a weird bug I can’t quite figure out. Let me explain:

    When I first click edit page, I see the element as I intend in the Advanced Layout Builder. Once I click to edit the element and click save, the layout changes. I lose the title, and two images appear stacked on top of each other.

    Before on the left, after on the right:
    Before and After in the editor

    I am guessing it is something to do with the code in the Editor Element Section, here is my code from that section:

    function editor_element($params)
    				$template = $this->update_template("src", "<img src='{{src}}' alt=''/>");
    				$img	  = "";
    				if(isset($params['args']['src']) && is_numeric($params['args']['src']))
    					$img = wp_get_attachment_image($params['args']['src'],'large');
    				else if(!empty($params['args']['src']))
    					$img = "<img src='".$params['args']['src']."' alt=''  />";
    				$params['content'] = NULL;
    				$params['innerHtml']  = "<div class='avia_photo_nav_square avia_photo_nav_square_style avia_hidden_bg_box'>";
    				$params['innerHtml'] .= "<div ".$this->class_by_arguments('align' ,$params['args']).">";
    				$params['innerHtml'] .= "		<span {$template} >".$params['args']['title'].": </span>";
    				$params['innerHtml'] .= "<div class='avia_photo_nav_square_container' {$template}>{$img}</div>";
    				$params['innerHtml'] .= "</div>";
    				$params['innerHtml'] .= "</div>";
    				$params['class'] = "";
    				return $params;

    Thanks for any help you can provide!



    Hey dustingrof!

    Unfortunately we aren’t really able to help debug customization like that. There isn’t enough control on our part and the back and forth of code, minor changes in copying/pasting and the general depth of the customization is just beyond our support.


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