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    Hi guys, love your work! I have a bit of a tricky request for some customisation on the tabs element as part of the Avia Layout Builder.

    We’d like the tabs to work and display exactly as they do by default, but would like to include a featured image for each tab which would appear above the tabs (.tabcontainer). So far I’ve managed to include a new field in the admin part of the tabs under where you would put in the tab title, choose the icon etc. by adding an array to tabs.php in config-templatebuilder/avia-shortcodes/ which looks like this:

                                "name" 	=> __("Featured Image", 'avia_framework' ),
                                "desc" 	=> __("Either upload a new, or choose an existing image from your media library", 'avia_framework' ) ,
    							"id" 	=> "src",
    							"type" 	=> "image",
    							"title" => __("Insert Image",'avia_framework' ),
    							"button" => __("Insert",'avia_framework' ),
    							"std" 	=> AviaBuilder::$path['imagesURL']."placeholder.jpg"),

    I copied and modified the above from the image.php and have it sitting under the ‘Tab Title’ array and it works great.

    The big problem is trying to make this show on the live site above the tabs.

    I’m hoping that this is as simple as adding a block of code somewhere in that tabs.php file. Looking forward to the help! Cheers.


    Hey m_reaney!

    This is definitely doable but requires some time intensive work and is beyond the scope of our free support forum. I suggest to hire a freelancer from envato studio: who can work out a solution and give you a quote.

    Best regards,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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