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    I’ve been recently experiencing lots of troubles with making pages. Seems like there is some conflict somewhere and the only thing I can think of is an embed code I inserted from a video I upload on vimeo today. I used the “text block” content element to insert the following embed code in the text editor tab:

    <iframe src=”″ height=”375″ width=”500″ frameborder=”0″></iframe>

    which is an autoplay, looped short video, and I can’t save whatever I am doing most of the time. I tried with different browsers, different computers yet the result is the same. Sometimes I can save, other times I cannot save the work I am doing.

    Sometimes the windows open on the visual editor, sometimes on the text editors by default, within the same element, such as the “icon list”.

    Sometimes it shows everything blank in the visual editor although there should be some content there, which shows up in the text editor instead (!!!), other times it rolls back to previous content I wrote, losing the most recent one. And all within a few minutes of working on the page…

    Also, after inserting the embed code above, I see the video playing immediately inside the back end of the Avia layout builder. Is that normal?

    I tried removing the code and erasing the box altogether, yet the problem persists. So I added the box and the code again, maybe it’s not that fault…

    I haven’t installed any plugin recently, nor has the theme any other plugins that I installed before I experienced these problems, apart from the following which have been there for two weeks:

    Akismet (active)

    BBpress (active, without any forum started yet).

    Cashie Commerce (no active)


    Statcounter (active)

    Woocommerce (not active)

    Also: I have the “default editor” showing the Avia layout builder and the “advanced” editor showing the regular empty page with the content box. Is that correct or is it reversed?

    Thanks for your help;-)



    PS: Please take a look at the homepage:

    Scroll down the main slider just enough to view the testimonial slider underneath and see how once the first testimonial slides to the second, the latter screws up the whole page. Note how the testimonial gets over the icon boxes…

    Another strange behaviour is that if you stay on the page for around 30 sec to 1 min, then scroll up and down again you’ll notice that the testimonial gets cut off partly by the following section (“what can we do for you”).

    Are these bugs or?




    Hi Antonio,

    My guess is the autoplay on the video is causing the avia builder to run into issues. In general, its never a good idea to have videos auto play but when using the advanced editor, it attempts to run anything inside of it/display images to better help users making visual layouts (we’re looking at options for this).

    Another thing to try would be to disable Jetpack and the Statcounter plugin and see if that helps. Jetpack, while feature packed is very invasive in what it effects through wordpress but perhaps one/both of them is having some conflicts with the video content or the builder in general.

    I wasn’t able to reproduce any of the testimonial issues on my end however. Is it only in a specific browser or OS?




    HI Devin,

    thank you so much for your explanations. I’ll try deactivate Jetpack, since I am not using it.

    I was able to solve the issue with the Testimonials before you probably saw it, since I realized I had to insert a content block first, then insert the testimonial element within.

    Not doing so produced the testimonial acting weird and juxtaposing over the icon boxes and being half cut off from the following section underneath.

    So I still haven’t clearly understood when you can place an element by itself and when you need to place a content box first, then the element within instead…

    I’ve been working all day on the page yesterday, which is why you possibly didn’t reproduce the issues on your end.

    One thing I can’t fix at the moment is how to change the color of the top titles (or headline) of the sections within the footer / footer widget:

    I would like to have them white, yet when I go to the styling panel within Enfold and select “Footer” I tried all different part to be “white”, yet I always get a blueish color which blends in very bad with the background color and makes it hard t read.

    Any clue on that?

    I am currently experimenting with the footer too, so I am trying different background, however the general headers always set colors automatically and not what I would want them to be (mainly white to come up from a colored background)


    There are still quite a few elements that get styled automatically based on other selections but they can all be modified with a bit of css. Try adding the following CSS to your Quick CSS (located under the Styling Tab in the theme options) or the custom.css file in the css folder of your theme files:

    #footer .widgettitle {
    color: #fff;

    Which will change the color of the widget titles in your footer to white.


    HI Devin,

    Thanks, now it works!

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