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    I’, having issues with CSS, i just add to layout.css the atribute text-transform: uppercase; in the main-menu class and the CSS doesn’t work now, i replace the layout.css for the original and i still have the issue, you can check the site here:


    Hi mnlgmz!

    You should never add or modify css to the themes core stylesheets. Instead, add your own css to the Quick CSS field in the theme Styling section or the custom.css file in the css folder.

    That way your css has the correct priority and doesn’t get written over when you update the theme.

    For the css, it depends on how you’ve written it out but my guess is that it just needs to target the item you are trying to modify a bit more explicitly. For example:

    #top .main_menu .menu li > a {
    text-transform: uppercase;



    Thanks for answer,

    But, how can i do to fix this issue? and get the correct CSS styles again? Do i need to upload the thene with another name and configure everything again?

    This is crazy, this is the first theme that i bought that can be modified directly in core files…



    For all themes you should not modify their core css files actually. The same goes for the php files as well if you really want to keep it all upgrade safe.

    You can add that css to your Quick CSS in the Styling tab of your Enfold Theme Options or to the css>custom.css file. Both of these are configured to load after the theme css so that anything you add in will be last. With CSS, this means that as long as it has the same selectors then it will have priority.



    Did you check the URL?

    I modify the wp-content/enfold/css/layout.css not the WordPress css core files.

    So, the css never come back again, how can i do to get back the css styles? please check the url:




    Like Devin said, you should not modify anything on the theme files because it will be overwritten when you update the theme. You should add the css modifications on the Enfold > Styling > Quick CSS. You need to add it again on Quick CSS or ask your host to do a backup restore if they have any.

    Best regards,

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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