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    I use W3 Total Cache and WPML and more plugins for my website with Enfold.
    I was changing from ‘Page restrict’ plugin to ‘User acces manager’ to restrict access to pages on my site.

    Wordpress or the cache or something else caused some problems, I deleted the page restrict plugin but the page stills shows the login form from the Page restrict form, and not from the user access manager.

    I decided to clear my cache (browser, and W3 cache) but now it was switching from Page restrict to the 404 not found (but the page does exist). Pressed F5.. Page restrict, pressed F5 again and 404 not found.

    I decided to delete the Permalinks from .htaccess and looked if this did help.. No, it didn’t. Then I disabled every cache option in W3, and cleared my cache but still switching.
    But when I disabled every cache options, I saw that my website now loads without CSS.. So I decided to enable W3 again, but now my CSS doesn’t show.

    What can the problems be? My website: http://www.michael64142.eu (please provide a screenshot how the home looks at you). The restricted page which has the problems: http://www.michael64142.eu/item-support/ (please visit this page to).

    Kind Regards,


    Bump (sorry for that but my question was left un-answered at the 3rd page).



    How are you? I hope you feel great today. Thank you for the question.

    Looks like it is not generating enfold.css, please go to Enfold > Styling then change the color scheme to something else. Save it then change it back again. Please make sure that wp-content/uploads/dynamic_avia folder’s permission is set to writable/readable. Set the permission to 755 or higher.

    Please deactivate the cache plugin while working on the website. You should probably enable that after you’re done tinkering with the design or everything else. Flush the permalink settings on Settings > Permalink. Click the “Save” button once. Check if the item suppport page is fix.

    Best regards,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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