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    Hi Team,

    When you turn off Post CSS generation (This helps serve background images from CDNs because the background img css is then inline).

    There is an error in the responsive css causing the column layout to display incorrectly. Column 1 is getting a width of 48% causing it to be larger than the others. I am not sure if all columns are supposed to be a 2 col layout on ipad sizes or 4 by default.

    This occurs when the break point is set to 767px

    Line 474 – 501
    (note in this example the column spacing is set to 4% instead of 6%)

    I have to add the following to dynamic Css to fix it – removing the margin from the first column:

    @media only screen and (min-width: 768px) and (max-width: 989px) {
    .responsive .av_one_fourth.first.el_before_av_one_fourth.flex_column_div {
    margin-left: 0%;
    width: 22%;

    If the correct behaviour is supposed to show 4 col as 2 col between 768px and 989px that is fine. otherwise it should be 4 col.

    Can you investigate?


    Hey Thomas,
    In my test, 1/4 columns are designed to show at 48% between 768px and 989px, with a column spacing is set to 4% this is the correct behavior.
    Whe two 1/4 columns are side-by-side, both columns are the same size, 48%.

    Best regards,


    I’ll share a screenshot of what is happening my end. Will send over tomorrow.


    Ok, thanks. Perhaps also a simple example layout that we can easily duplicate, like the four 1/4 columns in my screenshot above.

    Best regards,

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