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    Hi, I just changed from Angular to Enfold and loving the much easier functionality, anyway…
    My first query: I want to be able to zoom in and crop my portfolio featured image thumbnails. Its to show animation work so I want to choose just a close up section just for the thumbnails viewers click on. Using the whole image often does not work well small as a thumbnail.

    I tried going edit image in my media library choose a section, and selecting thumbnails only and clicking crop, when i click update image nothing happens at all ?

    Is there any other way I can do this ? or do I have to do it the long way round and create separate thumbnail images. If this is the case, what are the dimensions that would cover a 3 and 4 column portfolio, Im hoping I can do this some automatic way, many thanks


    Hey mattock!

    You can always crop them manually in your computer and upload them, however the media library option should work, if you want me to check it personally please create an administrator account and send it to me at (Email address hidden if logged out) (including a link to this topic).



    Hi Josue, that would be great thanks, I’ve added you as an administrator and you should receive password etc.
    Its probably something stupid I’m doing, apologies in advance.

    Is it better to do it the manual way, any advantages ?
    If i do it manually, what are the dimensions to cover 3 and 4 columns portfolio grids, many thanks again



    Cropping is working as expected, what you need to do is to regenerate the thumbnails after cropping, you can use a plugin like this one for that.



    Ah I didn’t realize that I had to regenerate after cropping, I thought when you clicked update it would resize that one image you just edited.
    I don’t need to do it to all of them so may be easier to create my own,

    > Can you please tell me the width and height of a 3 column single thumbnail in case I want to create myself please ?
    or where I can find the dimensions that enfold uses for the thumbnails.

    many thanks again for your thorough and great support


    Hey David!

    The working width of your Enfold setup is 1030px. so for a 3 column portfolio the images would be 343px width (1030/3).



    perfect thanks.. and do you know the height ?
    I want to make them the right ratio so there is not squash or stretch, cheers!



    You can choose the height you want, obviously you would want to make all of them the same height, i’d recommend a square, 343 x 343.



    Hey that was even quicker reply than normal :)
    Can i ask a dumb question then..

    When I set the featured image for these I used the largest image I had normally in a 16:9 widescreen Tv format and at least 1280 x 720 to cover all sizes, but Enfold automatically crops the image for me, it doesn’t keep the 16:9 format and chops the sides off which end up a 4:3 format

    which is fine as long as all thumbs are the same height, but they certainly aren’t square, that is why I ask for the height enfold has automatically cropped them to,

    OR how do I keep the thumbnails in a widescreen format which would be good?
    Many thanks again



    I got it, 342 x 276 would be it.

    Best regards,


    Thanks you have been a great help!

    one last thing is it possible to keep the thumbnails in a widescreen 16:9 format if I wanted, so the correct dimension would be 342 x 192 ?
    I have just tried uploading a thumb this exact size and it again zooms in and crops the sides off, cheers



    You can use this plugin to change the crop/size of your images:

    Just make sure to also regenerate the thumbnails for any old photos already uploaded.

    Best regards,


    Hey Devin, I gave that plugin a try and its excellent thanks ! My thumbnails are all now in a 16:9 format and not being cropped, I didnt ave to go into my funtions.php which I thought I’d have to do. And the good thing is any new projects I add are automatically set to my new size, perfect thanks again.

    I noticed as the page is loading all the areas are the old size then as the images loads it snaps to my new size, no biggie just wondered why?

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