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    I am settip up the Enfold/Creative Studio theme, I changed the font colors in the theme’s General Styling area. Some of the fonts colors have chnaged like I wanted. But some of the fonts, well most, the color is correct when I do a force refresh of the page but then goes back to the original color that I do not want to use.

    Is there something I am missing??


    Hey Gene,

    Could you please create temporary admin logins and post them here privately so we can look into it?

    Best regards,


    Please see private content for information..



    Thanks for that, please try disabling file compression under Enfold->Performance while doing changes to the site. Also make sure that you delete the old CSS and JS files at the bottom of the same page.

    Best regards,


    I disabled the file compression and the delete old CSS and JS, cleared cache and still the same thing..

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    Ok, so which setting in particular is not applying? Could you post a screenshot of the problem?

    Best regards,


    It is impossible to send a screen shot.

    What happens is, I set my font to a specific color, when the page first loads, the font is the correct color a blue color, but after it loads it goes back to the original light grey color.
    So it would be hard to get a screen shot, sorry..
    Any suggestions??


    The icons, Special Headings, bullets and bold fonts are all in the correct color, but everything elses always fades back to the original light grey.



    Ok, thanks for the update. Which text exactly does this happen to? And which setting in the theme should we look at? Please try to be as specific as possible, otherwise it’s very difficult to help you out.

    Best regards,


    Hard to explain.. if you go to the site, ALL fonts are supposed to be the blue color.. The icons, Special Headings, bullets and bold fonts are all in the correct color, but everything else always fades back to the original light grey.

    Since you have the login info, please go to the theme section where you set the color and see that I have done all I could to make it that color, but no luck..



    Thanks for the update, you have 5 different blue colour set under Enfold->General Styling->Main Content for instance. Which of those blue colours do you want to use? Also, could you point out a specific piece of text which this problem applies to?

    Best regards,


    Well.. on the color, I want to see which color I like, but have the option to change it, which I figured that is how the font color scheme works.

    As for the text.. as stated above: “The icons, Special Headings, bullets and bold fonts are all in the correct color, but everything else always fades back to the original light grey.”

    So ALL text that is not mentioned above, which is just about ALL the text on the site has this issue..

    I hope that helps.. anything in a text field does not remain the color blue but fades to grey once it is refreashed or first appears when the site is loaed..

    Thanks for your help, this is driving me nuts..


    Sorry for the late reply, when I examine your text that looks gray, I find that it is actually blue except the font weight is 100, which is very light making the text hard to see the color. I do note that checking the page out in Firefox shows the blue text a little better than in Chrome.
    Try changing the font-weight to something like 300 just as a test to verify.

    Best regards,


    Where would I set the font weight globally?



    It can be set via quick css.

    Best regards,
    Jordan Shannon


    I was able to increase font weight in the quick css..

    But I want to do the same for the footer, I do not want to increase the font size, just the weight.. how would I do that and any hint on what I would need to put in teh Quick css to do this..

    Thanks for all your help..


    Please try this code in the General Styling > Quick CSS field or in the WordPress > Customize > Additional CSS field:

    #footer .widget p,#footer .widget h3,#footer .widget a,#socket .copyright {
    	font-weight: 400 !important; 

    Best regards,


    Perfect.. thanks..

    You can close this thread..


    Glad we were able to help, we will close this now. Thank you for using Enfold.

    For your information, you can take a look at Enfold documentation here
    For any other questions or issues, feel free to start new threads in the Enfold forum and we will gladly try to help you :)

    Best regards,

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