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    Not requesting anything but wanted to suggest the idea of a A-Z of theme alteration tips.

    It strikes me that a lot of what we ask is repetition (how do I change this Icon, install a font, change colors etc) and I suspect this is split into Theme specific and General tips across all Kriesi themes.

    Would it be a good idea to create a section which is added to over time which lists quick CSS and alteration tips. Im guessing this would also be where the video tutorials would sit too. Might also reduce the volume of emails you guys have to constantly wade through repeating yourselves about the same thing. After all, most of us dont want to trawl 50 pages to find something buried that no doubt was answered 10 days ago or maybe even 5 weeks ago. Might need a bit of a convention/language creation but im guessing over time it would seem to follow a pattern and we would all fall into line.

    Im also aware that there are varying levels of user :those starting out (newbies), creative (have a-go) types like me who are building there own portfolios/hobby sites who have a reasonable understanding and those doing hard core tweaking for professional site builds. Perhaps there could also be a grade system (*=easy, **=medium & ***hard) but im not sure if that isnt too complicated to implement from day 1

    I know you may scoff at this on the grounds that its impractical with all the work you already have to do and that it might be too complicated to implement initially but I’m sure that once its been set up and running properly it will build exponentially & naturally with the support & input of the support community.

    Anyway, just a thought. Keep up the GREAT WORK



    I also think this is a great idea.

    Possibly to make a sticky topic like “Enfold Feature Requests” and Enfold Showcase” etc so we can always go there first to look before posting a new topic.






    CSS ain’t that hard to mess around with since firefox and chrome got it’s dev console. And if you’d like to have a very unique enfold standing out form any other installation, you should have bought a different theme. But wait… I’ll love the Builder! Damn. I think I’m gonna mention every second post from now on to create a standalone version of the builder. Gonna pay for it, for sure! Tag > Kriesi! :)


    Hi Formateins,

    not sure what you were trying to say? That you dont like Enfold? Thats a shame – I think its an excellent theme and the forum team here are brilliant for those among us who are on this very steep learning curve.

    Unfortunately, we don’t all have the level of your skills and I guess many of us are using Enfold for different reasons with different abilities. My idea (which is hardly radical) suggested that those experienced could pass down their knowledge and share it with the community. I appreciate that Chrome Dev Console has made it easier to get to grips with CSS but its still a relatively steep learning curve & joining all the dots at the right time with the right thing can still be complicated – besides, everyone has to start somewhere right?

    Anyway, thanks Jasmine for supporting the idea – lets just hope Kreisi and his team picks up the idea and thinks its worth looking into.



    I’m totally with you on that, andypeck. Not sure if formateins was being sarcastic or not, but I must say I would definitely find it by far the best WP plugin available if the Avia Layout Builder was indeed a standalone. Pick any theme you want, but still have the incredibly awesome Avia builder. But of course, this theme is great nonetheless, so not that important for me, personally.

    I am just not sure whether it should really be a CSS-only topic. Why not an Enfoldpedia where there are all kinds of tips and tricks and tutorials etc about the theme? It could contain lots of CSS information, but also plenty more information about how to seamlessly integrate 3rd party plugins, change rather complex settings, optimize performance, and so on. So, anything related to using Enfold.

    Perhaps even a collection of running websites for others to see the possibilities or be inspired. I understand that many people/companies rather not publicly show their company id on the theme, but for those that don’t mind it would be a great addition.

    Also, who said we have to expect the developers to do all this work? Maybe the community could create such a pedia (after discussing the possible rights and usage with the authors, ofc). There is always the risk of something not being 100% correct, but with a bunch of info available and multiple people contributing and perhaps even Enfold specialists checking the info now and then, it could help many people.

    The advantages would logically be:

    – One central location with all the info about the theme.

    – Many people being stuck with an issue would find a solution there, meaning they can fix it without having to wait for an answer on the forum.

    – The reduction in support tickets would give the developers some extra time, which would allow them to sometimes check the pedia info or add their own pieces of info.

    – People who haven’t bought the theme yet would see the great community behind Enfold, see the ocean of info available and show them in more detail how great this theme works. I’m sure this would cause an increase in sales.

    So I assume it would be a win-win for both the author and customer here. Not sure what you guys think, and what the Kriesi & Co think. :)


    A specific section on this site about enfold tweaks would be good.

    That’s divided into like the main sections from the top > header to the footer or socket.

    All settings in the header can be explained. Custom code and so on. Pics , videos and examples of sites can also help. This could help the team tackle the no. of questions in this forum. From the start this would take a long time to do but eventually this could help the staff so they can answer the advance questions / bugs.


    Totally agree DavyE,

    I think I was starting with CSS as a start point to avoid Kriesi & Co going into meltdown with the idea of a full-on system. We don’t want them to have to charge extra for a tool thats supposed to make everyone’s lives easier. I also dont feel it has to be mutually exclusive to Enfold although it would need to split/id whether it was something that could be applied generally across other themes.

    the main point I was trying to make (and the support team are best positioned to know if its possible) is if there was a way that a simple system that could be generated that could contain code snippets (ordered logically) that could also be expanded upon by the community.

    Anyway, thanks for giving your support to the idea



    Hey Everyone!

    We are working on it! At least, I have for the past few months. I’ve been working on adding to our github wiki (which is private) in preparation for Kriesi’s new site which will be an Enfold child theme.

    So yes, things are in the works once support slows down a bit. With how popular Enfold has been we are swamped a bit more than normal but I *think* things are starting to slow down a tad which will give me some time to work on new docs and videos.

    Probably not the best answer but we’ll have some more news on it hopefully very soon.

    In response to what formateins mentioned, keep an eye out for a new blog post here on the site on using Chrome Dev tools to do more css modifications. I’m working on writing that out now and then doing the videos for it this month.

    I’ll close this for now so we don’t get too much of a secondary feature request topic going but thank you everyone for the enthusiasm on push to return on this project :)



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