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    Hello support
    i am needing to creating new pages with a logical sequential numerotation

    let me explain with this example:
    this page
    should show somewhere the next pages like 2 – 3 – 4
    it has a parent page that is roylaty-free-music
    as you can see there are also
    Action adventure 2, Action adventure 3, Action adventure 4
    on the left side list of music categories.

    I want to avoid having 4 pages of action adventure (1+2+3+4) listed on my left column.
    That said, there should be just one category with action adventure
    when on page 1 – one can see pages 2-3-4
    when on page 2 – one can see pages 1-3-4
    when on page 3 – one can see pages 1-2-4
    when on page 4 – one can see pages 1-2-3

    something that will show “Previous” and “Next”, there should be a possibility to have a navigation that diplays page numbers, i.e.
    Previous 1, 2, 3, … 10 Last Next – i need to Add Numeric Pagination

    Hoping my explanation was clear enough
    Thank you for your help
    Dan Foster

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    Hey Dan,

    We would be glad to help you with this customization, but at the moment there is no easy way to do this by using a small custom code snippet, so I am afraid its out of the scope of our support.

    However, if it’s really important for you to get this done, you can always hire a freelancer to do the job for you :)

    If you need further assistance please let us know.
    Best regards,


    Ok thank you Victoria



    Thanks for understanding and thanks for using Enfold :) I’ll be closing the thread.

    Best regards,

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