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    Hi everybody,

    is it possible to create search result page for my custom post types like default search but instead circled numbering to have post thumbnail for my custom post type and i cant get the pagination to work. The results are printed but pagination is not showing. Please take a look

    • No additional plugins are installed

    • some PHP files are created for filter form to work



    Wow great idea — drop down search filtering — love it! But, wouldn’t a interactive map be more visual? Sorry I always look for ways to replace text with or at least mixed with a visual aid (people are naturally drawn to pictures versus text).



    Hey Mikeh, the interactive map will be for the next update :) still waiting to see what support has to say on thumbnails


    Hi Arnaudov,

    It isn’t really possible for us to debug custom pages/code via support. For one, we don’t have the code and two we just aren’t familiar with individual developers practices and implementation.

    If you are having issues, your best route would be posting on stack exchange or something like that with your full code and issue.




    Hi Devin thanks for your reply,

    I’m not PHP expert, but with some code moving here and there and changing some names of the classes it can be done, and that’s not that hard for people who can read and write PHP. It just took me 3 days to figure it out. There was no custom code … it’s all theme code.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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