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    I have several enfold sites and think the theme is great but currently face a new challenge and want to know if anyone else has some something similar and can provide an example or tips.

    I have two separate sites (http://www.rethinkingliteracy.org) and (http://www.rethinkingnumeracy.org). These are similar sites in structure but have distinct branding. These each represent a particular event that we run.

    Next year plan to bring these events together so want to create one site and encompasses both (http://www.rethinkinglearning.asia). So ideally i’d like to have one site that has a few high level pages, but also has two essentially sub-sites. I envision clicking on either “rethinkingliteracy” or “rethinking numeracy” in the top menu and when I do so the color scheme is slightly different and perhaps even the site logo changes. This way it will be clearly part of the same site but still allow each section to retain its distinct identity.

    I have a few questions
    1.) Is there a way to do the sub menu for the different sub sites other than using the full width menu part (which requires adding to each page).
    2.) How to change the logo for parts of the site?
    3.) How to change the color scheme for part of the site?

    Mostly I’d like to see an example of this done with Enfold. I’d prefer to keep using enfold and not get a custom theme


    You would need a wordpress multisite installation. It will work with any theme, enfold as well.
    You run to instances or more on the same installation with either a prefix of a suffix to the name.


    thanks but that will create two completely different wordpress sites won’t it? I’d like to have some common navigation and have it feel like they are part of the same website without maintaining the common pages on two different sites….


    Sub-site A (different color scheme and logo)
    — Keynotes
    — Presenters
    — schedule
    Sub-site B (different color scheme and logo)
    — Keynotes
    — Presenters
    — schedule



    You can use a plugin such as this one – https://wordpress.org/plugins/zen-menu-logic/ to display different menus per page and this plugin – https://wordpress.org/plugins/widget-logic/ to display widgets widgets with conditions.
    To change logo on certain pages, please see – http://kriesi.at/documentation/enfold/change-the-logo-url-on-some-pages/
    And to change color scheme, you are simply going to need to use custom CSS :)

    Best regards,

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