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    I know several tickets have been created on this subject “Create child theme after customizations have been made” but all discussions are closed and most a little older.

    I have learned my lesson and always make a child theme right away on all my Enfold Sites. I have over 20 licenses of Enfold theme and have 5-6 sites that someone on my team made without a child theme.

    I clicked update on Enfold on shannon-construction.com ( a site on Enfold) and the screen went white. I could login to the backend and work, but the site was all white screens. My team did the production and have a “child theme” called “Enfold Child 01” but I don’t think it is a “real child theme” as it is standard on style.css

    I would be happy to share credentials with a moderator to have someone look. I have a paid license too that I can share if you like. I don’t want the site to sit forever without an update on the theme.

    Can anyone help??


    Hey Chris,

    Sure, we can have a look. Could you send us the server log as well? Did you get the site back up and running?

    Best regards,


    Thanks. Yes the site is back up after restoring from a back up from last week.
    I have 4-6 Enfold sites that were customized by an employee here with no child theme.

    This one – http://shannon-construction.com/ looks like someone “attempted” a child theme but is doesn’t really look as if it worked – again, I clicked update Enfold and lost the site for a day or two until restoring.

    Credentials for ADMIN are in private area.

    Thanks for your help in advance… I may need help on another where no child theme at all is installed.



    There are not much we can do we are afraid.
    You need to convert the theme to a child theme, so it can function properly and after – if it does – consider to hire someone to add the theme to git, find the changes and apply them so you can be runing on latest version.

    Best regards,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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