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    Thanks for this beautiful theme. Great, really.

    This is only the 4th site I’m making using WP, only simple “portfolio sites”, so I’m really kind of new…

    This time, for a project I’m working on, I’d like to create an “Account page”, allowing people to register/create their own account with several infos on a formular (mail, name, address, others etc..). I’d like this formular to generate a password once it has been “posted” by the user, and then send an automatic mail to the user with his password. Then, once the user has loged in, he could be able to buy a “year subscription/service” (not a product) by paypal or cheque (through pricing tables). Also, eventually… would it be possible that the user has then access to his ownn account page once logged in, and on this page he would find the formular he has filled up and the “subscription” he has chosen / he could be able to “update” his account details (for example if he has changes of e-mail or city or whatever) / Also he could see until when his annual subscription is running… and when it comes to the end “re-launch” it for another year, via paypal or cheque ??

    Hope my explanations are clear enough… :)

    Regarding to what I’d like to set up, I don’t really understand the difference between bbpress and woocommerce plugins. Do I have to use one of them, or both ? Right now i only tried bbpress login widget, but it’s not customizable, and moreover it’s in english when I’d like to have all my texts in french… Or would you have a tutorial video regarding these “account” matters (register / login / see my account / change my account / re-launch a year subscription etc.) ?

    Thank you very much for any advice you could give me !


    Hi marienoisette,

    This is quite a bit to much to go over via support. I’ve run across a request like this freelancing quite a bit but as of now there is no single great option for wordpress.

    You could look into doing something with buddypress, Wishlist member, s2member or just the membership plugin (by wpmudev). None are really exactly what you are looking for but its a good start.




    Thank you Devin !

    I have heard of s2member & wishlist member. I am going to look into those plugins..

    Another important question I have regarding contact form : would it possible to add in the “form element type” the choice of “uploading file”.

    Would be great !!!

    Thank you very much again.




    I’ll add the form idea to the Enfold feature request topic.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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