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    how can I display the copyright information in background photos and galleries also?


    Hey frankeee,

    These may need to be added manually via an image editor or plugin. There is no native feature for this.

    Best regards,
    Jordan Shannon


    … ok, I know that in enfold there is no native feature for this. Therefore I’m asking for an idea how to solve it! Your colleague seems to have a little more imagination here:

    … his post refers to the gallery. Nice would be a function snippet that prints the copyright for all images – regardless of whether it is used as a background, in a gallery or in the text editor. Can you please think about it?



    There is the following plugin:

    It allows you to watermark all images across the site with an image or text. You can apply this and use css to hide the text on images outside of the gallery.

    Best regards,
    Jordan Shannon


    Hi Jordan, thanks for your hint.
    However, I’m not a friend of too many plugins. Is it really that hard to read out the copyright field and assign it to the images in enfold?


    on background-images ( set by enfold as section-backgrounds?) – or defined by css as background?
    where should the copyright info be displayed on galleries? – in lightbox besides the title – or where?


    Hi Guenni007,
    the copyright text should be displayed for all images – whether in the background in a gallery or anywhere else.

    I will display the copyright text via css above the picture – that’s not a problem – my question is: How can I display the copyright information for all images?


    but it should be the copyright info you inserted on media library? – and this should only be there on info reasons? – not as a watermark to prevent download and unwanted usage?


    … yes – right!


    Sorry for the late reply, currently the copyright is available for some images such as the featured image, if you add this css:

    small.avia-copyright {
        display: block !important; 

    but it would not be practical for all images such as thumbnails and small gallery images, where the text would be larger than the image. Although we could ask the dev team to consiter adding this for larger gallery and plain images.

    Best regards,


    Hi Mike,
    thank´s a lot – this will help a little ;-)
    In principle, It would be fine if the copyright is available for all images.


    I have submitted the feature request.

    Best regards,


    … thanks – then we wait …


    Hi Mike,
    last question on this topic: until when did the developers set off the function? Or can you give me a hint for the implementation in advance, otherwise I would have to ask a freelancer.


    Sorry, I’m not sure what you mean, the dev team has not turned anything off, they have added this function?

    Best regards,


    Hi Mike,
    sorry my english is not the best. What I meant:
    Unfortunately, I can not wait until the enfold developers implement the function (unless that happens in the next few days?). That’s why I want to charge a freelancer and it would be very helpful if the enfold team could tell me on which point we have to work.



    there is an easy way with some code and Advanced Custom Fields, look here, guess you understand German ;-)


    … thanks for your hint!
    But actually I like to do it the same way as enfold – with the native copyright field.


    @BeeCee, Thanks for sharing your article.
    @frankeee, earlier you wrote about hiring a freelancer, I found that many on are quite reasonable and quick, we recommend Codeable for their overall experience.
    As I wrote earlier, I did submit this to the dev team as a feature request, but this could take a little while to make it into an update.

    Best regards,

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