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    Is there any way to copy a full-width element like a Grid Row or a Color Section that’s already populated with content, in its entirety with the content staying intact, from one page to another? (I figure probably not, but why not ask!)

    I ask because I have a page where I completely change the content every month. The page is called “Featured Artists, and it showcases four new artists each month, plus contains a Grid Row that showcases the artists from the previous month:

    I want to build an additional “All Artists” page that will include all the artists who have ever been showcased. So it would great if I could just “pick up” the December artists’ Grid Row from the January iteration of the Featured Artists page and “drop” it into the “All Artists” page before I redo all the content on the Featured Artists page to highlight the new group of artists being showcased in February.

    I’m looking for something analogous to copying text, where I just highlight it on the original page, hit CTRL+C, go to the new page, and hit CTRL+V.

    I know that to create the new page, I can save the original page as a template, and then when building the new page, load that template and delete all the elements except the Grid Row that I want. But that won’t help me add more of already-populated Grid Rows in future.


    Hey missouriartscouncil,

    You can do that if you enable debug mode, in order to see the shortcodes of the Layout Builder: After that then you can copy/paste the shortcodes between pages. You can also build a separate page with your content, then use the Page Content element to import that page content into a different page.

    Best regards,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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