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    Dear friends at the Enfold-support-team,
    I would like to show only the cookie badge when the page loads for the first time, not the entire banner. The cookie-banner should only be displayed when you click on the badge. Is that possible? At the moment the banner is always loaded and only when a selection has been made it is replaced by the badge and the banner can be opened again. Can I change this behaviour?
    Would be glad to get an answer. Thanks a lot!


    Hey spooniverse,

    I’m not sure I understand exactly what you mean, could you post a link to your site and try to explain your intentions a bit further please?

    Best regards,


    Hey Rikard,

    normally the banner is always shown on first pageload. If you then make a selection whether cookies are allowed or not, the banner disappears. After that you can see the badge on the side and use it to display the banner again. I would like to only see the badge right from the start and display the banner using the badge as a toggle. The banner should not appear when the page is loaded until the visitor decides what to do, it should only be displayed via the badge. There is a css class added after the cookie decision. Perhaps, for example, you could add this beforehand so that you don’t just see the banner, as I said, but only show it via the badge.

    Can you understand it better like that? Thanks for your help!

    All the best,



    Thank you for the inquiry.

    We could use this css code to make the badge always visible.

    #av-cookie-consent-badge {
    	opacity: 0.7;
    	visibility: visible;

    Then use this script to hide the message bar on initial load.

    // a custom script
    function ava_custom_script_mod() {
        if ( wp_script_is( 'avia-default', 'registered' ) ) {
            wp_add_inline_script( 'avia-default', '
    		(function($) {
    			$(document).ready(function() {
     add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'ava_custom_script_mod', 9999);

    We have not tested this fully, so it might cause unintended privacy options behavior.

    Best regards,


    Perfect! Tested and tweaked it a little bit and it just works. Thank you.

    Any chance to hide the badge while the banner is opened?


    Added some CSS. Works for me.
    You can close this thread.
    Thanks again!



    You are very welcome! Glad we could be of help. Please feel free to open a new thread should you need anything else.

    Have a nice day.

    Best regards,

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